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Adult Ages 12+

WILD Mexico is the IDEAL way to enter into the world of whitewater.

This 6 week training program includes one week whitewater kayaking instruction, canoeing instruction rafting instruction, Wilderness Medical Training (partially online) and Swiftwater Rescue Training.

Week 1 Whitewater Kayaking instruction. We can accommodate beginner, intermediate and advanced paddlers and “move the needle” to a level of increased competency and confidence.

Week 2 Whitewater Rafting Instruction. Following the training regimen of the IRF (International Rafting Federation) Students will be exposed to both Paddle Rafting as well as Rowing.

Week 3 & 4 Wilderness Medical (WFR) and Swiftwater Rescue Training (R3 Rec/Pro). We will explore a combination of emergency situations including hands on practice of Wilderness Medical Training (Wilderness First Responder with theory portion done online) as well as entry level and advanced Swiftwater Rescue Training. Students will gain competence and confidence to deal with situations that have gone sideways including when people’s well being is at stake. Includes internationally recognized certifications.

Week 5 Whitewater Canoeing. An opportunity to try a new sport or continue to advance with kayaking skills.

Week 6 ROAD TRIP! take the opportunity to paddle a variety river in the state of Veracruz in whatever craft you like. put your skills to the test on the class 4+ Rio Alseseca as well as the Rio de Oro. The Rio de Oro features a challenging river descent with two amazing waterfalls called La Gloria and El Cielo. This grand finale includes the whole group paddling out into the ocean at the Costa de Oro.

Fun, fulfilling, educational and transformative. Get a jump on the spring paddling season. Regardless of your motivation to become a better paddler or a professional guide… Join us for an adventure of a lifetime!