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Quick Details

Ottawa River Whitewater Rafting, Peddle and Paddle!

Are you ready for a great family friendly adventure? Combine whitewater rafting on the Ottawa River, family friendly cycling on the Trans-Canada-Trail and tranquil flatware canoeing along the Coulonge and Ottawa Rivers.

Raft Canada’s most famous whitewater river featuring great Canadian wilderness and spectacular high volume rapids. The Esprit “Two-Channel” Day Trip will take you down both the Calumet (Middle) and the Rocher Fendu (Main) channels of the Ottawa River. Only Esprit offers you both channels of the river in the same day. That means twice the rapids, twice the adventure, twice the excitement and twice the fun!

Get off the beaten track and enjoy some relaxed cycling along the PPJ (part of the Trans-Canada Trail network). trade your Peddles for Paddles where the trail intersects with the Coulonge River. Our staff will meet you there to exchange your bikes for canoes. Paddle back to Esprit along the Coulonge and Ottawa rivers at your own pace. Stop for a swim, dangle a line, share a fun and relaxing day in the splendour of the Ottawa Valley.


This program happens over 2 days, one day of Rafting the other Riverboarding.

For Rafting:
– 8:30 am Meet your guides and fellow adventurers at “Cafe de l’Ile” (or 7:45am at Esprit)”
– 9:00 am Safety briefing and instruction given enroute to put-in
– 9:30 am Begin rafting on the Calumet (Middle) Channel of the Ottawa River
– 12:15 pm Lunch
– 1:00 pm Transport back to put-in
– 1:30 pm Begin rafting on the Rocher Fendu (Main) channel of the Ottawa River
– 4:30 pm Take out and return for photo and video presentation of your day

For Cycling/Canoeing:

Depart at 9:00am by bicycle.  Choose between 3 lengths of routes to our Canoe Rendez-Vous.  Trade your Peddles for Paddles and work your way back by water to Esprit at your own pace.

Note: Trip timing may vary depending on water levels.

What’s Included

  • 1 full day of rafting on both channels of the river
  • 1 riverside lunch
  • All safety equipment
  • 14 ft. self-bailing rafts
  • Internationally certified guides
  • Local transportation
  • Complimentary après rafting beverage
  • 1 day use of bicycles, canoes, paddling equipment
  • “NEW” Air Medic emergency evacuation insurance

What to Bring

Rafting: All your mandatory safety equipment is provided for you. Therefore, all you need to bring with you are some personal items to help make your day even more enjoyable. We recommend that you bring a pair of shoes or sandals to wear on the river (they will get wet!), your swimsuit and/or shorts, sunscreen, water bottle, towel and a change of clothes. If you are joining us during the early spring (April & May), we highly recommend that you bring an extra fleece or wool sweater, fleece socks and running shoes (versus sandals) for extra thermal layering under your wetsuit.

Peddle and Paddle: You will need to have closed toe footwear for cycling that can be securely fastened to your feet. You will need swim wear, shorts, bathing suit, towel, phone, camera, sunscreen for canoeing.


Customize your experience with Esprit by adding any of the following options:


Option Details Amount
Shuttle Ottawa/Gatineau same-day round-trip shuttle

Pembroke one-way shuttle

Fort-Coulonge one-way shuttle




Accommodations Camping (bring your own tent)

Platform tent rental




$30/night ($10 linen rental)

Meals Breakfast

Basecamp lunch

Ultimate BBQ




Thermal protection Wetsuit




Photos/videos Photo package $75.00 (*save $25 if purchased at time of reservation)