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It all started with the most humble of beginnings. In the summer of ’92, with a burning desire to run the “world’s greatest” rafting trips, the fledgling “Esprit” (with just 2 rafts) managed to take almost 500 people down the Ottawa River!

Fortunately, our rafters really enjoyed our smaller rafts and everyone got to go in a 14 ft. self-bailing raft (more exciting, more maneuverable, more fun than a 20 ft. raft and no bailing). There was less waiting around at each rapid and plenty of fresh “all-you-can-eat” food at lunch, ice cold beer, juice and soft drinks at the end of the trip. Most importantly, the guides were highly-qualified, internationally-certified professionals.

However, the best was yet to come! We have kept our small trip size, but have expanded to offer the Petawawa, Magnetawan, Kipawa and Gatineau rivers as well as winter adventures in Costa Rica and Mexico. Add a variety of canoe trips in the Algonquin Park and the Pontiac, swiftwater rescue, advanced wilderness first aid, guide training, riverboarding and kayaking instruction and two decades later we have emerged as the Ottawa Valley’s adventure travel leaders.

Esprit is honoured to be ranked #2 for “Best Outfitters on Earth” by National Geographic! Esprit also placed first in the categories of “Sustainability” and “Spirit of Adventure”. To this day, we continue to expand upon our social and environmental policies, principles and practices.

Our goal of running the “world’s greatest” whitewater adventures is still our commitment to you everyday! If you have a longing for the river, an appreciation of the wilderness and a spirit of adventure… join us at Esprit!


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