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Quick Details

First Responder Wilderness Training in Davidson, QC

Considered to be the “de facto” international standard for wilderness trip leaders and professional guides, the Wilderness First Responder is complete medical training for anyone tripping or working in remote environments. The WFR curriculum uses the principles of long-term patient care, improvised resources and varying environmental conditions as the framework for learning.

The WFR course is fast paced and both physically and mentally challenging. It was created to provide outdoor leaders and guides with the knowledge and skills necessary to deal with crises in remote settings, the WFR course meets and exceeds all licensing standards in Canada and most DOT (Department of Transportation) standards in the US for outdoor guides/professionals and emergency care givers.

Wilderness First Responder – Wilderness First Aid Certification is valid for 3 years and includes AHA Health Care Provider (HCP) CPR.

What’s Included in your course

Your course includes instruction, manuals and a certificate of completion (valid for 3 years). Meals and accommodations are not included in the course cost.

What to Bring

Please come prepared to spend time both in the classroom and outdoors. All SOLO first aid courses specialize in providing emergency care in a wilderness setting. Therefore, be prepared for any and all seasonal weather conditions by insuring that you have the appropriate clothing, footwear and outerwear (rain gear etc.) for your course. Please include a set of clothing that can be cut, torn or stained for use in patient simulations. It is also recommended that you bring a small day pack for carrying first aid supplies during simulations. For indoor classroom lectures, please bring pens and a notebook for taking notes to refresh your memory on key points.

Recertification Note: There is no recommended recertification for this course. It is recommended to upgrade to R3-Pro within 3 years.


Customize your Rescue Course with Esprit by adding any of the following options:


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Accommodations Camping (bring your own tent)

Platform tent rental





Meals Breakfast


Ultimate BBQ






Esprit is a world renown leader, innovator and provider of water rescue training for the commercial and recreational whitewater industries. All courses are offered by Esprit in association with Sierra Rescue International and the American Canoe Association (ACA) Contact for more info.