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Esprit is ideally situated on the Ottawa River between the confluences of the Rivière Noire and the Rivière Coulonge.  The Noire and the Coulonge combined with the Dumoine River are known as the “Three Sisters”, internationally renown as spectacular canoe tripping rivers.  Similar in certain characteristics yet with their own individual personality (hence the name 3 Sisters) each river provides amazing opportunities for your wilderness paddling expedition.  Esprit is here to help you with any rental or logistical needs you have for your journey.  We rent whitewater outfitted canoes, as well as all the simple and specialize gear you need for your trip.

To help you with your planning and logistics you can count on Esprit’s Jim Coffey and Dennis Blaedow.  Jim is a legendary paddler, rescue expert, medic and emergency responder.  Dennis knows the back roads of the region better than anyone.  He can get you to the best spots to access the river, emergency take outs in case of evacuation and regale you with stories of how the region has transformed from the timber industry towards tourism.  Adding Jim and Dennis as resources to your trip planning will help make your expedition logistics click.

New for 2018 we are proud to announce a new partnership with Air Medic Quebec.  Air Medic is Quebec’s premier medical evacuation system. They are “at the ready” 24 hours a day to dispatch both air and ground medical transportation in the event you or your group need emergency evacuation.  Please consider protecting yourself in the event of accident.  Contact our office for Air Medic Coverage for your trip.

Availability & Costs

Dates (May - Oct.)AdultsYouths (7-11)
DailyDepends on duration and product33% off adult price

Rentals and Shuttles

Canoe Rentals:

Esprit has a modern fleet of royalex whitewater canoes.  All boats are equipped with bow and stern airbags as well as thigh straps.


Simple Rental Equipment

Simple Equipment Rental includes; Helmets, Lifejackets (PFD), Paddles, Sleeping Bags, Sleeping Pads, Waterproof Barrels, Throwbags etc


Specialized Rental Equipment

Specialized Rental Equipment includes; Stoves, Tarps, Shelters, Tents, Camp Kitchen, Rescue Kit etc


Emergency Rescue/Evacuation Insurance

Want some additional piece of mind while out in the wilderness?  We all know that accidents can and do happen.  We are please to be able to offer both ground and air evacuation assistance plans for your expedition. Please contact us at for your specialized group/individual rates.

Shuttles Rivière Noire

The Noire is a beautiful river with fun whitewater and beautiful campsites.  Most trips on the Noire range from 2 to 7 days.  It is also possible to start your trip on the Coulonge and “crossover” to the Noire getting to sample some of the best whitewater of each river.  Here are some of our suggested put-in points for varying lengths of trips.

KM54 Bridge (2 Day) $350.00

Forant Creek/Bridge (5 day) $500

Meanders Bridge (7 Day) $900

 Important Note

The Rivière Noire flows through ZEC St Patrice.  All ZEC’s in Quebec are now required to charge a daily user fee for those using their resources which includes river users.  The general guideline to budget for this is $6/person/day.  If you are on a 5 day trip you may be required to pay for 4 days of user fees (as the final day is not in the ZEC).  We can look after getting your permit for you in advance or you can purchase it at the ZEC gate (assuming we will be passing the gate while it is open).  Trips on the water without a permit (thats you) and the shuttle services that drop you off (thats us) are subject to a fine.

Coulonge River

The Coulonge is a classic canoe tripping river. Fun, runnable whitewater, beautiful rugged campsites and spectacular scenery make it one of the regions most rewarding runs.  Here are some suggested put-in points and shuttle fees.

Rapide Enrage, Gallinotes, Jim’s Lake Creek (2-3 Day) $350

Gautier Chutes (5-7 Day) $750

New “819” Bridge, Old Meanders Bridge (7-10 Day) $950

Lac Pompone Bridge (8-12 Day) $1350

Lac Barrage, Lac Nichcotea (10-14 Day) $1500

Dumoine, Gens de Terre, Lievre and Petawawa Rivers

Please contact us directly at for quotes on Dumoine, Gens de Terre, Lievre and Petawawa River shuttles.

Custom Shuttles

The above put-ins are the most commonly requested river shuttles. There are many  different access points along each river. If you have a location other than those mentioned above, we are willing to accommodate your choice of put in. Please contact our office team for shuttle pricing . Our costs are calculated based on the number of kilometers being driven, time, number of people to be transported and use of vehicles (Esprit’s or yours).

Customize your trip with Esprit by adding any of the following options:

Optional Add-ons

AccommodationHostel Upgrade for arrival night at Esprit:$15.00/night
Additional AccommodationCamping(bring your own tent)$15.00/night
Platform Tent Rental$30.00/night
Additional MealsBreakfast$10.00
Emergency Evacuation Insurance (Quebec Trips Only)Esprit and Air Medic ground and air$5.00/per/day contact us for group rates

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