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Quick Details

Noire River Shuttle
Two Day Put-In KM 52 Bridge 2.5 Hour Shuttle
Five to Six Day Put-In Forant Creek 4 Hour Shuttle
Ten to Fourteen Day Put-In Meanders Bridge 6 Hour Shuttle
Coulonge River Shuttle
Two Day Put-In Above Chutes a L'Ours • 3 Hour Shuttle
Three to Four Day Put-In Rapides Enragé • 3 Hour Shuttle
Five to Seven Day Put-In Bryson Lake Bridge of Chutes Gauthiers • 5 Hour Shuttle
Seven to Ten Day Put-In Meanders • 6 Hour Shuttle
Ten to Twelve Day Put-In Bridge above Lac Pompone • 10 Hour Shuttle
Twelve to Fourteen Day Put-In Lac Barrage of Hwy 117 (Lac Nichcotes) • 9 Hour Shuttle

Shuttle Services in Davidson, QC

Based on the banks of the Ottawa River, Esprit offers both camping and hostel accommodation as well as internet access to keep in touch with family/friends both on departure and upon return.

In need of a shuttle? Contact our office team to arrange a custom shuttle. We can provide both a driver service (transporting your vehicle from your put in to the take out) as well as a full service shuttle using our Esprit vehicles and trailers.

Shuttles are based on 1-6 people in a suburban with a trailer. For a larger vehicle and larger group size please contact for a price quote. Below we have listed some recommended “put-in” points. Other destinations are available.

Put-In Options & Duration for the Noire River

  • 2 Day Put In (Km 52 bridge) – 2.5 Hours
  • 3 Day Put In (Km 62 bridge) – 3 Hours
  • 4 Day Put In (Km 68 bridge) – 3.5 Hours
  • 5-6 Day Put In (Forant Creek) – 4 Hours
  • 10-14 Day Put In (Meanders Bridge) – 6 Hours

Put-In Options & Duration for the Coulonge

  • 2-3 Day Put In (Rapides Enragé) – 3 Hours
  • 4-5 Day Put In (Bryson Lake bridge or Chutes Gauthiers) – 5 Hours
  • 6-8 Day Put In (Meanders) – 6 Hours
  • 8-10 Day Put In (Bridge Above Lac Pompone) – 10 Hours
  • 10-14 Day Put In (Lac Barrage of Hwy 117-Lac Nichcotea) – 9 Hours

A word of warning: The back roads of the Coulonge and the Noire are very rough and isolated with very little signage. We caution anyone running their own shuttle to be prepared for a long bumpy ride with the possibility of vehicle breakdown.