1 Days
Laniel QC
June 22/23 2019

The Kipawa has been rated as one of eastern Canada’s best whitewater rafting rivers.  This scenic and pristine river passes through rocky, Canadian Shield topography and through rugged, mixed-wood forests. The Kipawa River is an incredible 16 km run, from Lake Kipawa down to Lake Temiscaming, with 18 named rapids and a 90 foot waterfall.

Once a year, canoeists, kayakers and rafters alike join together for the Kipawa River Festival to celebrate this historic old river’s dramatic whitewater at the Kipawa River Festival. By joining this trip, you are adding your voice to help in its preservation. The Kipawa Day Trip includes a 4-5 hour descent, riverside snack and all safety equipment. After the trip, we celebrate the day with an ice cold beverage. The first round is on us!

Availability & Costs

June 22&23 2019$150

Kipawa River Itinerary

AM Departure:


8:30 am

Meet & greet plus safety briefing

9:30 am

Begin rafting on the Kipawa River

2:30 pm

Take out and transport back to your vehicles at put-in

Note: Trip timing may vary depending on water levels.

What's included in your adventure

The Kipawa River day trip includes
1 descent down the Kipawa River
riverside snack
all safety equipment
Wetsuit rental $20.00, Drysuit rental $40
14 ft. self-bailing rafts
Internationally certified guides
Local transportation
Complimentary après rafting beverage
"NEW" Air Medic emergency evacuation insurance

Local Accommodation

Camping: The festival provides camping accommodation at the put-in as well as at the take-out. Contact Camping Laniel for more details.

Hotel: The town of Temiscamingue (Quebec) offers hotel accommodation and is less than 30 minutes from the put-in of the Kipawa River. During the Festival weekend, accommodation does sell out quickly. We recommend that you make reservations in advance for hotel accommodation.

What you should bring with you for the day

All your mandatory safety equipment is provided for you. Therefore, all you need to bring with you are some personal items to help make your day even more enjoyable. We recommend that you bring a pair of shoes or sandals to wear on the river (they will get wet!), your swimsuit and/or shorts, sunscreen, water bottle, towel and a change of clothes. As the festival takes place in later part of the spring, cooler water and weather temperatures can be expected. To help make your day comfortable, we highly recommend that you bring an extra fleece or wool sweater, fleece socks and running shoes (versus sandals) for extra thermal layering. Wetsuitsdrysuits can be rented at the put-in.


Here is what others who have experienced rafting on the Kipawa with Esprit have to say:

“Great guides, great rapids, great food, great fun!”


“Thanks for the wet adventure! I’ll definitely be back for more river luvin!”


“Incredible! That is the only way to describe the experience.”

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