Esprit Staff 

At Esprit our mission is to provide the highest quality outdoor adventures by striving for, achieving and maintaining a standard of excellence. We enjoy promoting and sharing an awareness of different cultures and the environment, using the wilderness and rivers as a medium of discovery, thereby enriching the lives of our guests, our co-workers and ourselves. 

We have an AMAZING team that come from around the world to share their passion for the river and adventure with you.  Our guides are all internationally certified and qualified in Wilderness First Aid (Some to the Emergency Medical Technician Level), Swiftwater Rescue (some to Instructor Level) and are internationally recognized and certified through the International Rafting Federation (IRF).

They are dedicated, hard working, skilled, fun and overall very nice and super cool.

We all look forward to you joining us on the river soon!

Head Guide Martin Breu

Head Guide Camila Davila

“Jedi” Ty Smith

Photographer/Drone Pilot Cameron Pall

Trip Leader Darwin Weibe

Guide Jamie Chennels

Guide Hugh Godman

Guide Matt Dau