We are excited to be opening for May 1, 2022

We Are Adventurers... and we are ready for your next adventure!

We are open for our World Class Rafting Adventures as of May 1, 2022

We are excited to be able to offer our adventurers the opportunity to get outside and enjoy the day out on the river.  Of course, as we take your security seriously we have implemented a series of “Best Practices” in relation to the current Covid-19 Crisis.  Here are a few things that you can expect by choosing Esprit as your outfitter.  

• We take your safety and the safety of our staff very seriously.

• Your trip wth us will be super fun while respecting and exceeding  Covid-19 Best Practices set out by Esprit, our industry and our Provincial and National Governments.

• All staff are tested daily for fever and other C19 Symptoms. 

• Nobody should come rafting if they feel symptomatic.  All guest will be issued a credit (by way of gift certificate) if they feel symptomatic the day of their trip with us.  

• All guests will be provided with a” Covid Kit” which includes mask (to wear during bus transport), hand sanitizer, souvenir pen and complimentary photos of their trip.

• We have a great  group discount of “Bring 6 Friends and YOU Raft Free” and encourage groups to book by the raft rather than individually (then you get the whole boat to yourselves).

• We clean and disinfect all our equipment (bus, rafts, paddles, helmets, lifejackets etc)  using Vircon an antiviral/antibacterial disinfectant used in hospitals.  

• Our Directors are all certified in Covid-19 Contact Tracing by John Hopkins University.

Despite the seriousness of Covid-19 our goal is to help get our guests outside and enjoying the river and the great outdoors.  You can expect a fun, “Covid Conscious” adventure while challenging the amazing rivers of our region.  For further questions on our trips, building a custom adventure for your group and your overall safety in  these challenging times please feel free to contact me directly by email (jim@whitewater.ca).

Looking forward to your adventure with us!


Jim Coffey and Team Esprit

Now your trip includes FREE PHOTOS!

Your trip memories now last a lifetime!

We know that your day on the river with its will be full of amazing moments!  The is why we are now including FREE PHOTOS with your Ottawa River Rafting Trip.  Our professional kayaker will escort you down the river snapping shots to record the trills and spills of your adventure.  Leave it to us at Esprit to record and capture your memories.  Once you have been rafting circle back to this page and click HERE to take you to our photo storage and sharing site called Smugmug.  Navigate through the galleries by date, open your file and click the download button to download your trip photos.  If for some reason the link won’t get you there visit https://esprit-photos.smugmug.com

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Why Choose Esprit?

Locally Focused

Esprit is and will always be a strong voice for our rivers and our communities. Support a company that shares your environmental and social values

Twice the fun!

Our Ottawa River day rafting trips, takes you whitewater rafting down BOTH channels of the Ottawa River in the same day. Other outfitters take you down one OR the other. You get 2x the rafting with Esprit!

Small rafts-Big Discount!

Smaller rafts are WAY more fun. We exclusively use smaller 14Ft., 7 passenger rafts (think sports car). Others use giant (20ft or bigger) 12 passenger rafts (think minivan) that aren’t as much fun. We also have the best group discount in the industry… Bring 6 friends and YOU raft FREE!

National Geographic Ratings

Not trying to brag… and its no big deal but… National Geographic has rated us the World’s #1 Whitewater Outfitter in their Best Outfitters On Earth survey (OK kind of a BIG DEAL)!

Our team

We’re REALLY NICE! We care about people and the planet. We also do AMAZING things. Our “Fearless Leader” Jim Coffey broke the 25yr old world record by running an 18m waterfall in a canoe (we are kinda “Ninja like” (Click the Icon to watch the video)!


Fueling our social and environmental advocacy are our eco-policies and principles. “Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has”.
Esprit offers you TWICE the rapids for the same price!


Only Esprit offers you whitewater rafting on both channels of the Ottawa River in the same day!

In the morning, we will challenge the rapids of the Middle Channel which features Garvin’s Chute (a 5m high waterfall) and the roller coaster waves of Lower Ostrom’s. Surf’s up at Butterfly rapid as we slide our 14 ft. rafts onto the wave face for an exhilarating front surf. Between rapids, you can cool things down body surfing in the swift moving currents. At the end of the Middle Channel enjoy a healthy riverside lunch while your equipment is being loaded onto our shuttle vehicles to bring you back to the put in for your second descent.

In the afternoon, we will pack in plenty of action on the Main Channel riding the crashing waves of The Lorne, Butcher’s Knife, Norman’s and Coliseum – an array of world class whitewater. Featuring towering 14ft waves, the majority of the river’s volume surges through this channel. After the trip, celebrate the day with an ice cold beer, juice or soft drink. The first round is on us! Reserve online today and experience white water rafting on the mighty Ottawa River with Esprit Rafting Adventures.

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