More than Just the Ottawa River… try the Kipawa River!

Eastern Canada is blessed with so many amazing rivers.  That is why we pride ourselves in running trips on a variety of rivers rather than just the Ottawa.  Our spring season started with one of our favourites,  Ontario’s Magnetawan River.  The Mag builds up steam deep within the highlands of Algonquin Provincial Park.  It then explodes out of Ahmic Lake and runs wild all the way to Maple Island.  Nicknamed “The Bullet” it challenges our guide and adventurers with big rapids, cold water… it is filled with chills and spills.  This year we had two great weekends with high water due to our late snow melt.

Another one of our special spring runs is the Petawawa River.  Like the Mag it also rises deep in Algonquin Park.  The Pet, however, flows east towards the mighty Ottawa.  The section that we run is about 8km from Hwy. 17 to the confluence with the Ottawa at Petawawa Point.  The Pet features continuous whitewater with 3 class 4+ rapids in Railroad, Lover’s and Suicide Rapids.  All three rapids are big, fun and challenging.  The Petawawa also is great for surfing!  Two fun spots are Catwalk Rapid and Golf Course.  Raft surfing is when the team of paddlers paddle upstream to catch the waves similarly to how Surfers paddle onto waves in the ocean.

One of our favourite runs for high quality whitewater is Quebec’s Kipawa River.  The Kipawa has for years been under threat of a hydroelectric project that has recently been cancelled with the development of a new National Park.  The 16km run finishes with one of the most challenging rapids we run called Hollywood.  This long, technical and intimidating rapid finishes as the river converges with Lac Témiscamingue.  It is an amazing finish to a challenging day on the river.  The Kipawa only runs one weekend per year (coming up June 23/24 2018).  For our guides, this is considered the most fun and challenging river that we run.

So, if you have had your fill of rafting on the Ottawa, we have a variety of other big, fun, challenging rafting runs available to appease both Novice and Ninja rafters alike.


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