New Website Up… Off To The Rio De Oro

After many attempts over the past few years we have FINALLY launched our new website!  It has been an educational, time consuming, sometimes frustrating experience that had been long overdue.  Our thanks and gratitude go out to the great folks at Aponia for their diligent work in getting the new website up and running. In particular, Jean Sebastien Comeau for his expertise, attention to detail and ability to guide me, a “technical dinosaur” into the modern age.  We also want to give a special “shout out” to our good friend William Fenton who has been our webmaster for many years.  Willy built and maintained our original website for over a decade and we look forward to future collaborations with him.

OK, I will admit it, it has been challenging for everyone involved to get the ideas from my head onto a page in cyberspace.  The process included a 14 day span, locked in my room (because my mother doesn’t have a basement) learning how to navigate WordPress, create pages, edit etc.  There was a considerable amount of “trial and error” somewhat heavy on the error side.  With that being said we have now completed phase 1 of our new website to be followed by sites in both French and Spanish shortly.  It has been a worthwhile and necessary and ongoing endeavour. I am relieved that most of the “heavy lifting” is over.

Amongst others I would like to acknowledge some other “Inspirational Contributors” to this project.  They include Toni Newman and her Influential Innovators group which encourages and fuels the entrepreneurial spirit, Eric Plant of the Telfer School of Management for the invite to participate as “the case” in the MBA Games 2018 as well as Victoria Marroccoli (thats right- combine Morocco and Broccoli), Ashwin Sinha, Alison Hunt and Julian D. Legrand of the Ted Rogers School of Management for “Plan A”.

Once the site was uploaded to the world to see (with a few edits to still do) it was time for a well deserved escape to one of my “Happy Places”.  My “reward” for my self imposed exile in cyber land  was to head out to the Rio de Oro, one of my favourite rivers on the planet.  Accompanied by my good friend and videographer Mike McKay (Five2Nine) and a few others (Alex, Jim, and Chris) we hiked into this spectacular hidden waterway nestled in the Los Tuxtlas Biosphere Reserve.  Our goal was set to paddle out to the ocean… running some spectacular waterfalls along the way!

Our week was completed with some filming for the upcoming relaunch of our award winning video series Rescue For River Runners.  Mike and I were stoked to be working together again and got some extra footage to relaunch “After Currents” an update to his successful 2010 “Currents” series highlighting the struggle, trials and tribulations surrounding the fight to preserve the Antigua River watershed from a giant hydroelectric project.  Spoiler Alert – Both the owner of the construction company AND the Ex-Governor of the state are in jail on fraud and corruption charges.  Viva La Antigua Libre!


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