After many attempts over the past few years we have FINALLY launched our new website!  It has been an educational, time consuming, sometimes frustrating experience that had been long overdue.  Our thanks and gratitude go out to the great folks at Aponia for their diligent work in getting the new website up and running. In particular, Jean Sebastien Comeau for his expertise, attention to detail and ability to guide me, a "technical dinosaur" into the modern age.  We also want to give a special "shout out" to our good friend William Fenton who has been our webmaster for many years.
Season finished, gear stored... time to head North.  Hear we go on our 8th trip driving through Central America!  Here is a little about our route.  We head north from Sarapiqui towards the Nicaragua Border at Los Chiles.  It is a small and quiet border where things move quickly.  The Costa Rican side is an ingenious design of refurbished shipping containers.  Upon check out of Costa Rica we enter Nicaragua on the east side of Lago Nicaragua.  This crossing is very quaint, quiet and smooth particularly in comparison to the west of the lake crossing at Peña Blancas (the craziest
Another season in Costa Rica has come to a close... and what an amazing season it was?  We had 7 weeks back to back with trips split between our Rivers and Rainforest trip and our new Agua Pura / Pura Vida trip.  We would like to extend a "Thank You" to everyone who joined us this season.  We had a season filled with high water which led to an array of challenges that everyone conquered like champions. We are also thrilled to have piloted and run 3 of our new Agua Pura / Pura Vida trips.  The Caribbean Coast of

Source: (May 21, 2016) Esprit experienced a set back last year (2016) when our lodge caught fire and burned to the ground, but rest assured we did not allow that to be the end! With heavy hearts but plenty of hope we kept on with our rafting adventures, outdoor bbq’s, riverside lunches, accommodations and welcoming our guests. This year we are in the middle of a rebuild and will soon be able to offer our guests 4 seasons of experiences with our new lodge which will allow us to continue to offer live entertainment, bigger dining room, canoe shaped deck with outdoor